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Don't Be Stupid

I'm just a guy from the internet.

Procedurettes were first created for the residents of the St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Emergency Medicine residency program, though all medical people are welcome to view them. All Procedurette footage is for medical education ONLY, and is not a substitute for clinical judgement or proper medical training. Anyone can be inadvertently stupid, reckless, or simply wrong at any time, and that includes me.   In other words: don’t trust me blindly, or you may kill someone.


Some Procedurettes are pretty old by now, so take the information they provide with a grain of skepticism and sympathy for an old man who is entirely self-taught on video editing. If the information has changed over the years, consider the principles I'm showing you.  I don't represent my job, accept any payment, show my patients, or speak for anyone but myself in these videos. 

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