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Have something to say? 

I try to keep Procedurettes unaffiliated with specific employers or professional organizations.  I don't authorize ads or accept money.  I do things this way so I don't have listen to the complaints of constipated martyrs looking for indignation credentials.  I'm not striving to make anyone unhappy, but I'm not going to strive to make anyone happy either (except myself). 

If you are offended by Procedurettes, take a number. Just remember that the worst, most repressive societies on Earth are obsessed with respect, dignity, and propriety.  Disrespect is important.  So is ridicule. In fact, they are moral imperatives.   Feeling offended is part of the repertoire of human emotions, and it’s perfectly healthy to have this kind of experience.  You may find that "if you reject your sense of injury, the injury itself disappears.”

If you have something nice to say, you can send an email to  I don't check it too often, but I always welcome a kind word.  


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